Vegan Pledge: Week Two Food Diary


My 30 Day Vegan Pledge officially began on 6/7/17


Welcome to week two of 30 day vegan pledge! Catch up on why I took the vegan pledge here and how I got on with week one of the vegan pledge here. You can also check out my vegan grocery haul here.

Moving into week two of the pledge marked the longest consecutive time I’ve ever spent eating a vegan diet. I began eating vegan about a week before I signed up for the pledge. Up until now I’ve only only ever lasted about a week or so on a vegan diet before slipping up somehow or going out to eat and making a non-vegan choice. Each of those “failures” or slip ups have helped me get to where I am now however. Transitioning is a process.

Week two also saw the beginning of symptoms I felt were associated with some sort of detox response to this new way of eating. More on that later!

Vegan Food Diary Week Two


vegan pledge

This week I tried to get in a bit more fresh fruit in the mornings. I usually wouldn’t eat much fruit other than berries and banana, so it was nice to add in some more variety with melon, cherries, kiwi, grapes, peach, plum and pear. All the colours of the rainbow! Most mornings started with some sort of fruit salad this week. The weather was so good, making it really easy to start the day with lots of fresh fruit.

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Oats also remained a staple this week. The oats shown below are from the Merry Mill and I’ve added chia, flax, raspberries, banana and peanut butter. This is such a filling breakfast. Being vegan I haven’t worried much about portion size but rather I’m making sure to eat plenty to keep me satiated. Staying full on this vegan diet has been incredibly easy. I’ve often completely overestimated my portion sizes and then struggled to finish them!

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I ate lots of salads this week for lunch. The good weather seems to make one more inclined towards salads! Below I had some homemade omega superbread with a fresh salad, Veganaise and some Indian lentil dahl – find my Indian dahl recipe here. 

vegan pledge

Below you can see the big pot of Indian dahl that I made this week – its very versatile and easy to make. I had it for dinner with brown rice and then saved leftovers for lunch. I’ve posted the recipe on the blog already. Its one I’ve made time and time again over the last few years.

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Vegan avocado bruschetta was another lunch time staple this week. Lots of garlic, shallot, balsamic, olive oil and black pepper on chopped avocado and tomato. This was so tasty and easy to throw together that I made it a few times this week.

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Dining al fresco was inevitable this week with the gorgeous weather. This vegan “paella” dish was so good with a glass of vegan white wine. A really tasty dinner. Check out to see if your alcohol is vegan. (Spoiler – most spirits are vegan but wine is more complicated as they often use fish bladder, egg or milk protein in the filtration process).

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Finally, I had a go at making a vegan pizza this week using some whole grain wraps I picked up in Marks and Spencer. I topped the wrap with tomato puree, dairy free pesto, oregano, basil, Vio Life vegan mozzarella, sweetcorn, mushroom, onion, spinach and fresh basil. This was made in minutes and just as good as the real thing!

vegan pledge

Week Two: A Vegan Adjustment

By the beginning of my second week on the pledge I had broken out in a rash of little white bumps all over my face and neck. This happened to me once before about two years ago when I first started introducing lots of fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha into my diet. I’m pretty sure this rash signifies some sort of detox reaction. Thankfully it has completely cleared up and my skin is actually better than ever now.

I also experienced quite a few headaches this week. Again the exact same thing happened two years ago with the fermented foods. These headaches can likely be attributed to my significant change in diet having now been on a fully vegan diet about three weeks overall. I started eating vegan about a week before I took the 30 day pledge. Of course it is to be expected that my body will take a little while to adjust.

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I’m going to do a separate post on how I got on with eating out as a vegan having tried a few new places this week. Stay tuned for that.

Despite skin flare ups and headaches in week two I have really been enjoying the food I’m eating as I move forward towards the second half of my vegan pledge. Week three of my thirty day vegan pledge is coming soon!

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P.S. Find week three of my 30 day vegan pledge here. Catch up on why I took the 30 day vegan pledge here and check out how I got on with week one of the pledge here. You can also check out my vegan grocery haul here.



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