Vegan Pledge: Week One Vegan Food Diary


Welcome to week one of my vegan food diary! Having made the pledge to go vegan for 30 days and stocked up my newly vegan pantry I was all set to get started on my first week following a 100% vegan diet.

To be honest, I’ve been eating a largely plant based diet for the past few months but I hadn’t committed to it 100%. I had already been eating vegan for the week prior to taking the vegan pledge. I decided against backdating the start of my pledge and didn’t include the previous week as part of the 30 days. That means that when I finish the 30 day pledge I will actually have completed 37 days vegan ???? This is far more than the seven or eight consecutive days I would’ve ever managed before!

Day one of my vegan pledge officially started on 6/7/17 ????

Week One: Vegan Food Diary

vegan food diary

Vegan Food Diary: Breakfast

Porridge was an easy go to breakfast. I soaked my Merry Mill oats the night before in dairy free milk. I topped my oats with fruit – banana and frozen berry as well as adding flax and goji berry mix (from Aldi) and chia seeds. This is a great filling breakfast.


Pancakes were another breakfast option this week! These ones were made with quinoa and flax and smothered in coconut yoghurt, maple syrup and berries!

vegan food diary

Smoothies were also on the menu. Filled with fruit, nut milk, veggies, linseed and chia with a scoop of plant based protein powder.vegan food diary

Vegan Food Diary: Midweek Dinners

The first dinner I made was a coconut chana masala. I love this meal! Served with brown basmati.

vegan food diary

I also made two sweet potato and puy lentil bakes. One went to the freezer!

I made a vegan cider and samphire chowder as shown below.

vegan food diary

Below you can see my pesto pasta with olive and sun-dried tomato and sprinkled with nutritional yeast flakes. This was a quick and easy dinner to throw together and exceptionally tasty!

vegan food diary

Another super easy dinner was this loaded baked sweet potato filled with black bean chilli, guacamole, chillies and vegan cheese.

vegan food diary

Vegan Food Diary: Weekend Food

vegan food diary This pasta dish is similar to the previous one but with the addition of plenty of fresh basil. Such a yummy comfort food! I used Dove’s Farm brown rice pasta.

vegan food diary I marinated some tempeh as shown above (uncooked). Tempeh is one of my new favourite foods and this was my first time having it! I fried it and served it with some black bean burger bites, avocado salsa and home made potato wedges. One of my favourite meals this week!

vegan food diary

I also ate out three times this week and I’m going to add those to a separate post on eating out as a vegan!

I definitely ate abundantly this week and enjoyed a balanced diet which included various sources of carbohydrate, protein and fat. There were so many varieties of flavour to enjoy in each dish.

I definitely feel like I bought far too much food in my first vegan shop! I didn’t realise how full I would feel eating this way, that has probably been the biggest surprise. The good thing is that a lot of what I purchased are pantry staples that I thought would last me the thirty days – they’ll actually more likely last me two or three months!

Hope you enjoyed this vegan food diary! Lots more to come as I continue on the 30 day vegan pledge ????

The Clean Coconut ??

P.S. Check out week two of My 30 Day Vegan Pledge here. Find my vegan grocery shop here.  Read about why I took the pledge in the first place here.

vegan food diary

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