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Symprove: The Supplement that Changed Everything

A couple of months back, I was kindly sent a twelve week trial of Symprove. Symprove is a probiotic supplement which you may have heard me talking about before! I first tried the twelve week Symprove challenge when I was going through my elimination diet. Having experienced great success with it, I was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to take another twelve week course. This would be my third twelve week course of Symprove, so its safe to say that I have great faith in this probiotic supplement! I jumped at the chance to complete another twelve weeks and I looked forward to experiencing all the health benefits that I already knew would come with it.

When I first received my bottles for my current course of Symprove I wrote an introductory post all about it. The post which now follows details how I got on over my latest twelve week maintenance course of Symprove.


Probiotic: A Brief Recap

The main reason I took Symprove in the first place was for bloating and sluggish digestion. It was recommended to me by my dietician who supported me through my elimination diet. I was eliminating foods like gluten, dairy, eggs and yeast to try and find the cause of my constant bloating and digestive discomfort. Symprove is gluten and dairy free so it suited the diet I was following at the time.

The very first time I tried Symprove it took five solid weeks before I began to notice any changes or benefits. I almost didn’t even purchase the second four-week pack as I wasn’t noticing any difference. My dietician urged me to continue with it. She was right. Five weeks in, everything changed. It was as simple as this; one day I woke up and I no longer had any of the digestive discomfort or bloating that I had been experiencing daily for a number of years. It felt like a miracle. I had tried cleanses, elimination diets, until that point it seemed like I had tried everything! Nothing truly worked until I found Symprove. That is why I am so happy to be able to share my experience with you! I finished out my first twelve week course last June and continued to reap the benefits, experiencing absolutely no digestive discomfort or bloating. In October/November when I felt I would benefit from it, I decided to take another course of Symprove. This was a maintenance course.

Symprove: My Caveat

I have one important piece of advice with regard to Symprove; I experienced the greatest results when I took it in conjunction with a healthy diet. When I was being especially good with my diet; eating clean, nourishing, whole-foods, Symprove really shone. Let me be very clear; I had previously spent months eating such a diet without Symprove and while there is no doubt my symptoms were better on a clean-eating diet, I did not have real relief until I was five weeks into my first course of Symprove. This probiotic was the key to my realising my digestive health.

Eating clean and including lots of plant-based fibre and nutrition in my diet helped Symprove to work best for me

This Time

Fast forward to Spring 2016 and I’m taking my third course of Symprove. This time the benefits began from day one. My system loves Symprove and reacts so well to it. My gut is now completely used to the daily probiotics I get from my Symprove supplement as well as all the probiotic foods I now eat and drink. Probiotics are an integral part of my diet now.

This time I took the original flavour of Symprove, the one I had been unsure of ordering because of all the bad reports I had heard about the taste. I have to say I really had no problem with the taste of the original flavour, it didn’t taste bad to me at all! I’m so glad because I really didn’t like taking the mango flavour due to the added artificial sweetener it contains.

From day one of the twelve week course I can feel it working. Let me list some of the benefits I experienced;

  • Greatly improved digestion
  • No more bloating and discomfort
  • My skin is clearer and brighter
  • I have increased energy
  • I have a general feeling of wellness; I feel my system is working at ease

Again I would remind you of my caveat; Symprove works best for me in conjunction with a clean-eating lifestyle. If I was to eat processed foods day-in-day-out I don’t know that I would get the full spectrum of benefits from it to the same extent. Don’t expect it to be a magic pill that will completely heal your gut unless you support it in doing so by eating well.

I also find it is important to remember to take your shot of Symprove every single morning without missing a dose. Sometimes I took a little more than the 60ml daily shot, this seemed to suit me best. I’ve heard of other people who halve the dose to begin with until they get used to it. Its important to find your own individual dose that your body best reacts to.

Clean eating helped Symprove to work its magic best


I’d like to add here that my mother also took the twelve week Symprove challenge, twice. She knew how well I had done on it and thus was really keen to try it. She too experienced great results from it and has nothing but good things to say about it.

As soon as I began taking Symprove I felt lighter in my whole being, that was the most amazing thing. It made me feel so good I knew I had to ensure I took it every day. It really seems to me to eliminate bad bacteria and the good ones take over so you feel energised and definitely much lighter. I intend to begin another course of Symprove in August .

– Mother Coconut 🙂

I totally agree with her! Symprove really does seem to support and balance the gut bacteria, allowing for optimum digestion.


What I love about Symprove is the very promising independent research that is behind it. Check out this quick video which Simon Gaisford PhD compares Symprove with some of the leading probiotic brands on the market now.

Symprove is not cheap, it is a big commitment and one that you would likely only pay for if you felt you really need it. For me the investment has been 100% worth it. It worked so well for me and I am beyond grateful to have found it.

Experiencing the benefits of Symprove opened me up to a world of powerful fermented and probiotic foods. To me they are like the lost food group. Fermentation is a tradition that has been replaced with quick and easy, processed, fast-food. Ancient fermented and probiotic foods like kefir, kombucha and fermented vegetables are all part of my daily diet now. Probiotics have absolutely changed my life and it all began with Symprove.

The Clean Coconut x

Read more about Symprove on their website.


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