My Vegan Week: An Introduction/Day 1

We all saw how incredible Beyonce looked in her sparkly sheer dress at the 2015 MET Gala. According to Beyonce, the secret to her glowing skin and slim body was her new vegan diet plan. Interesting…


Around the same time of the buzz surrounding Queen Bey’s vegan lifestyle change I had been watching some documentaries on the benefits of veganism  – both for our own health and for the planet. Documentaries like ‘Earthlings’ (on Youtube) and ‘Vegucated’ (on Netflix) also exposed the cruelty of the food industry towards animals.


I saw Marco Borges, Beyonce’s Vegan trainer discussing his diet and new book on The Doctor Oz show. I was intrigued and decided to have a taster of the Marco Borges Vegan Challenge. I read Marco’s book; “The 22 Day Revolution” to begin with.  Beyonce-Just-Revealed-Her-High-Carb-Diet-to-The-World

I was very motivated to try the vegan lifestyle but I also had some apprehension. As a weight lifter, protein is essential for muscle repair and growth and I wasn’t sure if I’d really get all the protein I needed from this diet (1.5g protein per kg body weight – so about 90g a day of protein). In terms of macros this plan gives you about 80% carbs (whole foods, high fibre and gluten free) 10% protein and 10% fat.IMG_2504_2

I found  the book to have a real focus on weight loss and dieting. I wasn’t looking for a restricive diet, I had always found that by eating high protein and clean, unprocessed food I never really needed to restrict my intake. As well as that, whenever I am weight training I need an excess of calories if I want to build muscle, and I knew that the calories on this diet were relatively low in comparison to what I was used to. A lot of the book read like a weight loss plan rather than a lifestyle change.

I was also unsure about the lack of B12 in a vegan diet. I was relieved that Borges addressed this in his book. He says that B12 must be supplemented on a vegan diet as it is only found in meat, dairy and eggs.


I decided to supplement the plan with some added vegan protein powder and protein bars too, and I added in my own vegan snacks when I wanted extra calories. I went out and bought the shopping list for week one which is set out in the book. As much as possible I bought the organic version of everything listed. I only intended to do the plan for a week and then reevaluate. I had a lot of the staple pantry ingredients listed already so I was mainly purchasing fresh food – a LOT of fresh food!


The day I did my initial vegan shop (a Sunday) I also ate vegan – though not the actual “22 Day Revolution” plan. I was excited to begin and really wanted to get a head start. I had a vegan shake for breakfast that day and a big stack of vegan buckwheat pancakes for lunch/dinner with vanilla Coyo, berries and maple syrup. I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the plan the next day and have a few days of clean, vegan eating.


I will post daily updates of the plan I followed and how I got on over the course of the week.

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