My Vegan Challenge: Day Two

(To catch up on the introduction to My Vegan Challenge and day one, click here)

I began day one of the Beyonce plan with great enthusiasm. I was ready for a detox and a week spent nourishing my body with fresh, healthy, whole foods…


…Breakfast on day one of the plan was super easy to make – porridge basically.  The recipe listed gluten-free oats which I already had. In fact, as well as being a vegan plan this programme is also totally gluten free – which suited me anyway because I have been avoiding gluten for about a year and a half now.

The recipe also called for almond milk but I used organic rice milk instead, as it had a lot less additives than the brand of almond milk in the shop (always check the ingredients!) and I generally prefer rice milk anyway. Rice milk is slightly sweeter (naturally – not ‘sweetened’) and it would generally be a little bit higher in calories than almond milk. I often use rice milk in a post-workout protein shake for added quick-carbs to aid recovery.

On top of the porridge, which I made in a pot as opposed to the microwave, went sliced banana and blueberries. I didn’t weigh the blueberries out purely because I wasn’t in my own kitchen and didn’t have access to a scales – but I added a handful or so. I also added some goji berries for a pop of colour. The goji berries weren’t part of the recipe, but I had them and I like them so I scattered a few over the blueberries.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 20.51.26

This breakfast was totally delicious! I really enjoyed it. Its a high carb breakfast and that is part of the rationale of this plan – eat your carbs early in the day so that you use them as fuel and burn them off. This is definitely an ideal pre-workout breakfast.

Next up for lunch on day one of the plan was a lentil and quinoa salad.There was a LOT in the portion I made and the recipe hadn’t said how many servings it was supposed contain. I knew I couldn’t possibly eat it all. I did a bit of investigation and found out that the recipe was to serve 2-4 people so I’d say I ate a third or so of what was there and froze what was left – a bag of lentils and a bag of quinoa, ready to use the next time I wanted to make this salad. The lentils and quinoa were served on a bed of spinach.


I would say for a lunch this was quite time consuming to cook and I would recommend making it in bulk ahead of time and freezing in portions that you can pull out the night before if you have a busy day ahead. It was tasty, although I did add a little pink himalayan salt at the end which I found it needed. If I was making this again I would probably add more spices to the lentils to increase the flavour.

Dinner on day one of the vegan programme was the famous ‘walnut tacos’ I had heard Beyonce raving about. I soaked the walnuts for the recipe when I was making my porridge earlier in the day. The recipe didn’t call for the walnuts to be soaked at all but I generally soak nuts before eating them in order to break down the phytic acid in them, making them more easily digested and allowing for greater nutrient extraction. I find they taste better that way too. So the walnuts had soaked for about eight or nine hours before I added them to my Vitamix blender along with the other ingredients for the walnut ‘meat’ taco filling.


Contrary to the laborious lunch, this dinner was super quick and easy to make. Literally throw all the ingredients in the blender, mix it up and add it to your taco shells. Your taco shells are romaine lettuce ‘cups’ by the way. I actually had forgotten to pick up romaine lettuce so I had to improvise. I had a head of savoy cabbage, so I washed a few leaves of that, cut the fibrous stem out to form a triangle shaped gap in the leaf and layered two leaves at opposite ends (as above). I then added the walnut ‘meat’ and topped it with the avocado/tomato/coriander salad. I wrapped it up tightly and cut it in half…

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 21.26.08

I really enjoyed these tacos. They don’t taste like anything you could really compare them to but they are really nice. I loved the cabbage wrap idea too and I would definitely eat them that way again. They’re really filling too. In fact throughout the day I wasn’t hungry and didn’t snack at all, each meal was very satisfying. Day two as a vegan was a success 🙂

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