My Vegan Challenge: Day Three

(To catch up on the introduction to My Vegan Challenge and days one and two, start by clicking here.)

Welcome to day three of my vegan trial run.


Today started with a delicious green smoothie. This smoothie contained kale, spinach, lemon, apples, banana and dates. My dates were hiding today so I had to leave them out – but it tasted fine without them and was definitely already sweet enough for me. I also added in a little coconut water as I had some in the fridge.  I made another amendment to the recipe by adding in a couple of tablespoons of vegan protein powder; rice protein. The recipe made a LOT of smoothie – about 1.5 litres. green smoothie

I drank it all before heading for a gym session. I might add that the plan in the book also sets out some daily exercise – I didn’t follow this as I have my own programmes personalised for me already. The exercise included in the book either involves cardio or resistance training (in the form of body-weight exercises that require little-to-no equipment). These exercises would definitely be useful for someone who wanted to lose weight or boost their overall fitness but I continued to focus my exercise on my usual routine of weight-lifting and toning.

I also had a question on my instagram account ( or @cleancoconut_insta) regarding the blender I used to make this shake. The lady enquiring had tried the same recipe but had difficulty getting the kale to blend fully in her Nutribullet. I used my Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre to blend this smoothie, A smoothie like this, which includes tough fibrous vegetables, will be difficult to blend fully without a powerful blender like the Vitamix. What may help however  would be to try adding some extra liquid when making it to help it mix around and reach the blades.

After my workout (about an hour or so of full-body weight-training) I had a vegan protein bar. Again this added protein is not set out in the programme but I included it myself.


Lunch on day two of the Beyonce plan was a baked sweet potato with black beans. It was really yummy and a lovely post-workout meal. I added in some sprouts I had in the fridge to decorate it. By the way, you will eat a great deal of tomato and avocado on this plan!

vegan sweet potato

Early evening, before dinner, I snacked on some vegan hummus and carrot sticks. The gym has made me hungrier today!


Dinner on day two of the plan was a ‘hearts of palm’ salad. First time for everything! This was the less than familiar name (to me!)  for ‘artichoke’ and I purchased the hearts of palm in the local Asia Supermarket, although I’ve since spotted it in other shops too – more common than I thought! This salad also included olives, more avocado and tomato, and spinach, all sprinkled with paprika. It was really tasty. Below is only about half the full portion!


This marks the end of my third day as a vegan and my second day on the Beyonce vegan plan! It does feel a little strange not eating meat at any point in the day, but I haven’t been hungry or had any cravings for it at all 🙂

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