My Vegan Challenge: Day Four

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Welcome back. Onto day three of Beyonce’s Vegan plan, and day four as a vegan today.

Breakfast was a raw chia pudding which was made in advance, yesterday. Very easy and super quick to prep (everything in a bowl and stir!), then just leave in the fridge overnight. The recipe makes enough for two mornings so breakfast for tomorrow is already sorted too. Again I edited this recipe by using rice milk instead of almond milk and by adding vegan chocolate protein to up the protein level. I decided to decorate my chia pudding with blueberries, goji berries, desiccated coconut and bee pollen. I did a bit of research on bee pollen as I wasn’t sure if it was considered truly vegan. There is some debate about it and probably the most hard-core of vegans would avoid it whilst other vegans include it in their diets. Some less-strict vegans eat honey and wear leather too, so it all depends on your individual level of commitment to the vegan lifestyle.

Bee pollen is a waste product of the honey making process and bees wouldn’t use it if we didn’t collect anyway, so for the moment I’m happy to include it. Well, you can’t really get more ‘plant-based’ than pollen can you? I really like bee pollen, it adds colour, texture and a sweet flavour; I like to think of it as nature’s hundreds-and-thousands.  It is considered a ‘superfood’ and may be helpful for people with seasonal allergies.

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The ’22 Day Revolution’ plan instructs one to blend this chia pudding. I make chia puddings a lot, sometimes I blend them and other times I leave the seeds whole. Today I left the seeds whole and I really liked the texture. When its blended its more like a smoothie really. By the way, you only need about two tablespoons of chia seeds to make a portion of chia pudding, so even though a bag of seeds can seem expensive, a little goes a long way. When they are soaked over night they swell up a lot.

After breakfast I went for a run. I was really sore after the weight training yesterday!


Later, I snacked on some cherries whilst prepping lunch.


Lunch was a lentil soup garnished with parsley, tomato, avocado and lime dressing. IMG_5052

It was really tasty; the garnish definitely made it, it would have been quite bland without the garnish. Again this lunch was time consuming to make and would be best prepped ahead of time if you have a busy day ahead. The recipe made a lot of soup. I was able to freeze two additional portions of soup from what I made.


Dinner on day three of the plan was roasted cauliflower with pine nuts and grapes. I was quite unsure about this one before I tasted it, the idea of essentially eating a cauliflower for dinner didn’t seem the most appealing. To offset this I added a few sun-blushed tomatoes too because I had some in the fridge. I was super surprised by this dinner however. I found myself eating around the tomatoes because it was so flavourful without them! Really enjoyed this one, the grapes and pine nuts gave it such a lovely flavour. I didn’t use the full cauliflower, I only used about half of it as cauliflower is needed for another recipe later in the week.


Later that night I felt like a treat so I had a vegan caramel slice. I made these from ingredients I had in the cupboard; they are not part of the plan but I’ve made them before and really like them. They are totally vegan and contain whole-food, ‘clean’ ingredients. I had these with a cup of tea (with rice milk of course!).


Again, a lovely day of vegan eating. Really enjoyed all of today’s meals and proud I’ve stayed on track for four days as a vegan now 🙂

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