My Vegan Challenge: Day Five

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Welcome to day five as a vegan.


This is also my fourth day following Beyonce’s vegan diet from the book “22 Days Revolution”.

Breakfast on day five of my vegan week was the other half of my chia pudding. Today I topped it with pecans, blueberries, bee pollen, goji berries and raw cacao nibs. Again I had the additional vegan chocolate protein powder. Absolutely loved this breakfast <3 Also, everything tastes better from a jar – FACT. 


I was really excited about today’s lunch. Pizza! I love pizza. Its probably my favourite guilty pleasure – proper wood-fired italian pizza. So I was dying to see what this healthy vegan alternative would be like.

Whilst prepping the pizza I snacked on some olives which I had left over from the hearts of palm salad on day two.


Again I did a bit of editing with this recipe by adding some additional toppings; extra basil and some onion. I also put some tomato puree and olive oil on the base instead of leaving it dry. Avocado was an interesting topping that I would never have thought to put on a pizza but I included it as per the guidelines.

This was another time-consuming lunch to make but I love cooking and luckily I had the time to do it. I actually doubled the ingredients for the pizza base and made two, cooked both and froze the second one so I could make this far quicker the next time.


I took a bit of a short cut with the cheese because I had already picked up vegan cheese in the health food shop so I didn’t make the ‘cashew mozzerella cheese’ from scratch although I will definitely try this another time.


I personally loved this pizza and I can’t wait to make it again. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t taste the same as a standard gluten-filled italian cheesy pizza but it is a lovely healthy alternative. The avocado also added a lovely creamy texture to it which went well with the melted cheese. The recipe said that this pizza was for two – I  ate it all – oops! Again I’m not following this diet for calorie restriction or weight loss, which it is very much geared towards. I’m following it to experience the vegan lifestyle. As I said previously, the calorie intake on this diet would be quite a lot less than my usual daily amount so I don’t mind eating more than the recommended portion sizes or adding in additional protein and snacks.


I had a matcha ‘latte’ in the evening, made on rice milk and water (about half and half). LOVE matcha lattes, getting the really good stuff can be very expensive so look for the powder in an Asian supermarket – its a lot cheaper but still top grade.

Dinner tonight was a spiralised raw salad of courgette, cucumber and carrot . I got a spiraliser a few months back as a present from a friend (she knows me well!) and I love it. I’ve made ‘courgetti’ (courgette spaghetti) lots of times with it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.08.03

A tahini/sesame dressing accompanied this salad. I’m not really mad on tahini it turns out! So I didn’t love this – I found it sort of bitter. I’d definitely make this salad again but I would make my own alternative dressing. Also my organic carrots were too skinny to spiralise so I used a potato peeler to create carrot shavings instead!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.07.47

This was a really quick dinner to make – no cooking involved. The spiraliser is always fun to use – its like one of those old Play-Doh factories 😀


Seeing as I wasn’t keen on the dinner 🙁 (only ate half of it) I decided I deserved a treat tonight 🙂 I had a cup of tea with rice milk and a 9 bar – these are of course vegan and gluten free. These bars are also quite satisfying because they are filled with  whole-food ingredients – yum.


Day five as a vegan and day four following the Beyonce plan complete 🙂

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