My Vegan Challenge: Day Six

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Welcome to day 6 of my vegan week.


Today started with a lovely breakfast of quinoa ‘porridge’. I love quinoa but I had never had it like this – I always use it in salads. This was a little different but was a nice alternative to porridge oats. It took about twenty minutes or so to cook so while it was simmering I started my day with a glass of home-brewed Kombucha. Kombucha is a probiotic fermented and effervescent tea which is served cold. I love it. Kombucha is not part of the ’22 day revolution’ plan, I’ve been making it for a number of months now and I drink it regularly. IMG_5146

I was free to decorate my quinoa ‘porridge’ with whatever plant-based toppings I wanted. To create this rainbow of yumminess on top, I used desiccated coconut, sliced banana, goji berries, bee pollen, raw cacao nibs and frozen blueberries. This was so filling and really tasty.


Breakfast kept me full for a good few hours as there was so much in it. Lunch was vegan sushi. I had never had sushi before nor had I any idea how to roll it correctly – the instructions were not very clear! So I ended up on youtube watching tutorials to figure out how to make it correctly. Finally I knew what the purpose of that sushi mat was!

IMG_5165There are different ways to roll the sushi but the instructions I followed had the rice on the outside of the roll, as above. This was definitely tricky to construct and you need a really sharp knife to slice through the nori without the whole thing falling apart. Inside the roll was raw cauliflower and broccoli, cashews and vegan mayonnaise, all rolled up in a sheet of nori. The rice was brown short-grain.

IMG_5166My first attempt at sushi rolls…clearly I did not eat these with chopsticks… but they looked nice for the picture 🙂

The rolls were sprinkled with sesame seeds to decorate. I had also purchased some umeboshi paste in the health food shop and I used a drop of this on top of each roll as seasoning.

These sushi rolls were my absolute favourite meal of the week – I loved them and I’ve already made them again since! The umeboshi paste has the most amazing flavour too. Big thumbs up for sushi rolls!

Dinner on day 6 was baked aubergine with pico de gallo. This was really nice and the pico de gallo was so flavourful.


By day six I’ve been starting to experience freezing cold hands and feet. This is most likely due to a lack of iron and B12. I hadn’t taken an iron supplement over the week and I probably should have. Even though there is iron present in many of the green leafy vegetables I’ve been eating, plant-based iron sources are less absorbable by the body.

Despite taking a B vitamin complex throughout the week (when I remembered!) I am prone to low B12. I usually take injections every few months to keep my level of B12 up but haven’t had access to them for a while as I’m not at home. B12 is only found in dairy, eggs, meat and fish (unless fortified in things like cereals – most of which are not gluten free!). As such, I have cut out all dietary sources of b12 as is neccesary on the vegan plan and supplementation is essential.


Its Friday night and my friend came to visit tonight bringing me these lovely vegan popcorn treats and a lovely bottle of vegan merlot which we opened and drank together. 

Day six as a vegan complete 🙂

P.S. Mark’s and Spencer’s have a great range of vegan wines – pretty much all of their wines are vegan. Fining agents used in wine filtration can include eggs, milk, blood and bone marrow (Bull’s blood is no longer allowed in the U.S. or Europe since the outbreak of BSE), chitin (fibre from crustacean shells), fish oil, gelatine (a protein made from boiled animal parts) and isinglass (gelatine from fish bladder membranes). Unfortunately the only items that must be listed on the bottle under EU law are allergens, so you will often see eggs, milk and sulphites on the label. Check the back of the bottle to see whether the wine you are purchasing is suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

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