Fitness Diary #4: Weeks Three and Four

Welcome back to My Fitness Diary series. Click to catch up on My Fitness Diary #1, #2 and #3. This Fitness Diary entry details the third and fourth week of my training programme. Having spent the latter half of the fourth week on holiday in Kerry, I decided to join week three and four together into one comprehensive entry.

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My Fitness Diary: Week Three

Thankfully week three saw another good week of training. I did my weights programme Monday, Thursday and Friday with two additional HIIT sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. I continued to see improvements in strength throughout week three.

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This week I swapped my usual black coffee for some fresh warm lemon and ginger tea in the morning. Staying hydrated has been important for sticking to my macros.

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Week Three Meal: Rosemary and parmesan chicken wrapped in parma ham, with roasted carrot, kale and courgette.

Saturday of week three was a rest day for me but it involved a little too much indulgence to be honest! I went to the Belfast Pride festival and although I only had one glass of red wine while everyone else enjoyed a few more, I ended up getting a tub of Nobó salted caramel ice-cream (Oops!). Probably not the best thing to buy while trying to cut a few pounds so I’ll try not to let that happen again. I did do a lot of walking around the city during the festival so I suppose that might have counteracted some of the excess calories I consumed on Saturday.

fitness diary

Fitness Diary
A low carb aubergine and tomato dish I came up with in week three

My Fitness Diary: Week four

Instead of having my usual rest day on Sunday I was straight back to day one of my training programme. I knew I would be leaving for Kerry on Wednesday and wanted to make sure I had the three days of my training programme complete before then. So I headed straight into week four of the programme on Sunday and reached a new personal best on my squat! I’m delighted to be edging closer to body weight with my squats so fingers crossed the strength gains keep coming! (Maybe all that Nobó ice-cream made for some good pre-workout fuel?)

Week 3&4 Snack: Cookies! Find the recipe here.

I also weight-trained on Monday, completing day two of my programme. I was a little bit bold again on Monday and had some gluten free Lemon polenta cake with my post-workout lunch, although according to my estimates I was still within calories for the day overall. It was so good! Holiday mode was definitely beginning to creep in early this week as you can see!


I have been doing my weigh-ins on a Tuesday as part of this programme so my weight for the end of week three/start of week four was 63.4kg. Again not a huge difference on the scales yet. However, I am really happy that I’m still getting stronger and I am definitely a lot more toned than I was when I started!

I made some spelt sourdough bread in week 4 – I’ll do a blog post on how to make it very soon.

On Tuesday I travelled home for a special family lunch. I didn’t make it to the gym for my usual HIIT session as I didn’t have time. I wasn’t counting any macros that day.  I enjoyed a slice of my flourless chocolate cake and a glass of red wine as part of the celebrations. I should have stopped at that but there may have also been some more chocolate and sweets later in the evening…

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Wednesday morning I trained again – finishing out day three of my programme before heading to Limerick. I kept my diet much cleaner on Wednesday, although I wasn’t tracking macros. We stayed in Limerick overnight and got up early Thursday to train in the University of Limerick sports facility. This was an adhoc training session and I decided to use the opportunity to try out a leg press for the very first time and to do some hip thrusts (the benches in my Belfast gym make them really hard to do safely and I miss them!). I also did a superset of an incline bench press and a seated row. It was a quick and fun session full of exercises that aren’t on my current programme. So, whilst I didn’t do any HIIT for week four, I did squeeze in that extra weight-training session.

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After training in UL Sport we went for a lovely healthy brunch in Delish across the road. I had eggs florentine on a flat cap mushroom and an almond milk matcha latte.

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We hit the road for Kerry and arrived there on Thursday afternoon. It is safe to say that macros and calorie counting went completely out the window at that point! I wanted to relax and really enjoy the few days away and certainly wasn’t going to be worrying about calories while on holidays. One might say I jumped straight off the wagon!


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On the plus side we did do lots of walking on our first day in Killarney. We went to see the beautiful Killarney National Park, including Muckross Abbey, Muckross House and Torc Waterfall and took in the views of the stunning lakes, gardens and surrounding scenery. We were so lucky to have had great weather for our trip.



On Friday we attended a fabulous wedding – what a day we had! On Saturday we visited the gorgeous Muckross Park Hotel Spa and enjoyed the outdoor hot tub and all the lovely spa facilities. Another late night followed on Saturday as the wedding celebrations continued! We had so much fun in Killarney, it is such a beautiful place. We will most certainly be back!

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We got home late on Sunday and I began easing myself back onto my plan on Monday. After four days of pure indulgence my Tuesday morning weigh-in (today) was bang-on 65kg. Of course I expected my weight to go up, to be honest I thought I would have done more damage! I will be getting straight back on track now with my programme. I begin week five today and I am once again tracking macros.

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Balance is so important and depriving oneself 365 days a year isn’t realistic. There are definitely times when training and macros can take a backseat in my opinion. This weekend was one of those times for me and I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it! That said, I am more than ready to get back on track now with my motivation fully restored.

The Clean Coconut x

P.S. I had to pause My Fitness Diary entries after my doctor ordered me to undergo a gluten challenge and testing for Coeliac Disease, have a read about what happened next here.  Fitness Diaries will be back soon!

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