Fitness Diary #2: Week One


Last week I shared my very first Fitness Diary in which I opened up a little more about how I changed my lifestyle. Now I’m taking things back to the present and blogging my progress as it happens (fingers crossed!).

I confess; this is a mutually beneficial blog series. Tracking my progress on my blog is sure to motivate me while simultaneously ensuring accountability and consistency. I also hope that sharing my journey might motivate you to join me in achieving your goals too – we can do this!

New Programme

Its July 2016 and I am starting a brand new training programme. The programme will last four weeks and focuses on strength. At the same time I’m loosely tracking what I’m eating using the My Fitness Pal app. I tried counting macros before and its safe to say I learned a lot from doing so! I’m ready to give it another shot now for the duration of my four week programme and then regroup.

I fully intend to share my progress, warts and all. If I mess up you will know about it! I’m not perfect and I break the rules the same as everyone else. However, I do feel very determined to get myself into my best shape yet and that journey starts now.



I should state at this point that my goal is not to get super “shredded” or to have a six-pack. I simply want to tone up and lean out a bit while getting stronger. As clichéd as it sounds my only competition is myself and my real goal is to push the boundaries and get myself fitter. When I’m at a body-fat that I’m happy with I will then be upping my calories and attempting to put on a little more muscle! One step at a time…


My Starting Point

I weighed in on Monday 18th July at 63.6kg. This marked my starting point. I do not base my progress not the scales, rather I prefer to go by how I look and feel, how my clothes fit and by progress pictures. That gives a far more accurate account of how I’m doing. I intend to do a weekly weigh-in just to keep track of things.

Back in the spring I had my body fat measured and my weight checked. I came back six weeks later weighing more on the scales but I was in fact down 4% body fat. For this reason I do not allow myself to get dismayed by the scales. I do not weigh myself daily to get an accurate weekly average as some people advise. There is certainly nothing wrong with doing so but I personally can’t help but find the fluctuation disheartening. I know this would probably frustrate me if I used it as a sole marker of success and it wouldn’t necessarily portray my level of progress towards my goals.

Week One: Training

My current strength programme involves three weight-training days per week. I completed these on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These sessions are all full body workouts and take between 60 and 90 minutes (including warm-up/activation and stretching etc).

I also planned to do 2 days of cardio on Tuesday and Thursday on top of my weight training. Tuesday was the hottest day of the year so I decided to skip the gym in the end and stay out enjoying the sunshine. I did fit in a tough HIIT session on Thursday though. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is usually my cardio of choice; if I’m doing cardio! I definitely prefer weight training to cardio but needs must!

On Tuesday I went for a Walk in the Sunshine and a Picnic in the Park

Week One: Diet

I’m not following a rigid nutritional plan but I am roughly tracking my macros for the duration of this programme. I’ve been keeping an eye on my protein intake to make sure its sufficient. I’ve also been staying within the calories set out by my macros (More on macros here).

Because I am trying to cut fat I have calculated my macros/calories with a 15% calorie deficit. I stayed within my calories for 6 days out of 7. On Saturday night, having gone out for dinner, I was probably up around maintenance calories rather than at a deficit.


Intermittent Fasting

This week I have also been trying out intermittent fasting, or put more simply; eating all my calories in a smaller window of time rather than across the entire day. I find in the morning I’m not as hungry and at the moment I’m just having a black coffee until I feel hungry. If I’m training in the morning however, I definitely eat beforehand. Again this is not something I’m rigidly sticking to, it is more so something I’m experimenting with for a few weeks. When I counted macros before I mentioned that I began to feel really hungry after a few weeks. I suppose by trying out intermittent fasting I’m hoping to feel fuller while still remaining in a calorie deficit. So far I haven’t felt hungry or deprived at all on the calories I’ve been working off. It is obviously early days though so I’ll keep you up to date on how this is going for me as my Fitness Diary series continues.

My ‘Clean’ Seafood Chowder with Sourdough Bread

Fitness Diary #2: Conclusion

It is now Tuesday 26th of July and one week on I’ve weighed in at 63.5kg. That’s 0.1kg lighter than last my starting point. I’m not going to make any drastic changes to my plan yet though. My body and my metabolism are still adjusting to the new programme and the calories I have set for myself so I will continue following the same plan of action for another week and see how it goes.

For me, this is not a quick fix or a race to lose weight. I’m taking my time and gradually making changes that I can maintain in the long run. I’m probably looking to get to 60kg as a rough goal weight but again I’m more interested in how I look and feel than in the number on the scale so this is a very fluid goal at the moment.

Let’s see what the next week will bring! You can keep up to date on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Clean Coconut x


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