Clean Cleanse Part 2: My Detox Experience

Below I have laid out my entire week of eating over the course of the Dr. Junger’s Clean Cleanse which I followed in November 2014. At the time this was a small experiment to figure out whether I had a food intolerance.

Check out my introduction to this cleanse and the full list of eliminated foods here.

cleanse, clean cleanse
Raw Hazelnut Chocolates

My meal-prep for the week involved a batch of green smoothies, a big pot of chicken soup and some raw chocolate chia puddings, all of which I froze in portions. I also made some raw dark chocolates (sugar-free of course) for when I wanted a treat. Having these few things prepped ahead of time made it a lot easier to stick to the plan.

cleanse, clean cleanse

My Detox Week – Daily Cleanse:

  • Day One:  Friday  
  • Upon waking:                   Pint of filtered water
  • Breakfast:                          Green Smoothie
  • Mid-Morning:                   Chocolate chia pudding with raspberries.
  • Lunch:                                Turkey burger with salad
  • Dinner:                               Homemade chicken soup
  • Treat:                                  Raw dark chocolate and almond bar
  • 2 pots of herbal tea:         Lavender, chamomile and rose blend, and Peppermint.

cleanse, clean cleanse

The soup had to be made without the addition of stock cubes (due to the gluten and soy etc that they contain) so I made my own stock from the chicken carcass. The green smoothies were something I was already drinking most mornings, but I usually included apple and pineapple to sweeten up my usual base of spinach/celery/cucumber/kale – of course on the cleanse this was not allowed. Without the fruit they were a little harder to swallow but not as bad as I expected – in fact, afterwards, I never went back to adding in the same amount of fruit as I had been before I completed the cleanse.

The dark chocolate Magic Mayan bar did contain some coconut sugar, a low GI sugar – which unfortunately was not allowed on the cleanse, but I felt it was ok to have this small bit of coconut sugar considering the main aim of the cleanse (for me) was to establish whether or not I had a food allergy or intolerance to the likes of dairy/eggs/soy/gluten etc. I had ordered the bars from before I realised I wasn’t allowed the coconut sugar! So that was my Friday night treat.

  • Day Two: Saturday
  • Upon Waking:             Pint of filtered water
  • Breakfast:                    Green Smoothie
  • Lunch:                          Chicken Soup
  • Dinner:                         Turkey Meatballs
  • Treat:                            Homemade raw Chocolates
  • Pot of Herbal Tea:      Pukka Love tea (Lavender, chamomile and rose)
cleanse, clean cleanse
Day two: Turkey Meatballs

I Had a small amount of organic, gluten-free, brown rice pasta with the Turkey meatballs – it was the weekend and I couldn’t resist! Again breaking the rules slightly for a very small amount of brown rice pasta didn’t bother me as I was really trying to rule out an intolerance to gluten/dairy/soy etc.

  • Day Three: Sunday
  • Upon Waking:           Pint of filtered water
  • Breakfast:                  Green Smoothie
  • Snack:                         Homemade Cinnamon Almond Butter and nuts
  • Dinner                        Grilled Salmon with cabbage and cauliflower.
  • Treat:                          Homemade Raw Chocolates
  • Herbal Tea:                Pot of Pukka Love Tea (Chamomile, lavender and rose)

The nuts I had were soaked from the night before to make them more digestible. The salmon was grilled with coconut oil and I flavoured the vegetables with chilli flakes.

cleanse, clean cleanse
Day three: Herbal tea with homemade raw chocolates
  • Day Four: Monday
  • Upon Waking:                 Pint of filtered water
  • Breakfast:                        Green Smoothie
  • Mid-morning:                 Chocolate Chia Pudding with raspberries and coconut.
  • Lunch:                              Turkey Meatballs (leftovers I had frozen on Saturday!)
  • Pre-Gym:                          Apple, cinnamon-almond butter and soaked nuts.
  • Post-Gym                         Sunwarrior Vegan Vanilla protein blend in almond milk
  • Dinner:                             Homemade Chicken Soup
  • Treat:                                Peppermint tea and homemade raw superfood chocolates
cleanse, clean cleanse
Superfood chocolates I made as treats

For the week, I replaced my usual dairy-based whey protein powder with vegan protein powder.

  • Day Five:  Tuesday
  • Upon Waking:             Pint of filtered water
  • Breakfast:                    Green Smoothie
  • Mid-Morning:             Chocolate Chia Pudding
  • Lunch:                          Chicken Soup
  • Pre-Gym:                      Almond butter, soaked nuts, banana and half an apple
  • Post Gym                      Sun warrior Vanilla protein blend
  • Dinner:                         Chicken, broccoli and carrots.
  • Treat:                            Magic Mayan dark chocolate bee pollen bar
  • Herbal Tea:                  Two cups of peppermint tea

I cooked the chicken in coconut oil and used a variety of herbs to add flavour to the dinner.

cleanse, clean cleanse

  • Day Six: Wednesday
  • Upon Waking:             Pint of filtered water
  • Breakfast:                     Green Smoothie
  • Mid-Morning Snack:  Almond butter and mixed nuts (soaked)
  • Lunch:                          Chicken Soup
  • Dinner:                         Steak and carrots

    cleanse, clean cleanse
    Chicken and Vegetable Soup
  • Day Seven: Thursday
  • Upon Waking:            Pint of water
  • Breakfast:                   Green Smoothie
  • Mid-Morning:            Chocolate Chia Pudding
  • Lunch:                         Chicken Soup
  • Dinner:                        Chicken and veg.

I drank lots of water throughout the day every day. I noticed as the week went on that my appetite lessened.

cleanse, clean cleanse

As I went to the gym and trained during the cleanse I felt it was necessary for me to have some carbohydrates; this was the only way I broke the cleanse. Twice I had a little coconut sugar (in the Magic Mayan bars), I had a banana and I had an apple. I also had brown rice pasta on the Saturday night (organic and gluten free). This worked for me at the time. I didn’t feel it was worth forsaking gains in the gym and I wanted to have the energy to train!

I did remain totally dairy, gluten, egg, soy, potato, alcohol, caffeine and refined-sugar free throughout the week and ate no processed food. I also took the recommended supplements as mentioned in part one of the Clean Cleanse. These were probiotics, digestive enzymes, B vitamins and magnesium.

I have to say that by Friday – day eight of the cleanse, I was feeling great, it seemed like my body was really beginning to respond to all the ‘clean’ eating. I felt like my results were cut short because the cleanse ended almost as soon as I was starting to see the great results!

cleanse, clean cleanse

My cleanse was followed by a weekend of birthday celebrations that included most of the things I wasn’t allowed on the detox! But completing this week gave me a deeper insight into the notion of food intolerance and certainly increased my curiosity about whether the diet I had been eating was not as good for me as I thought…

Its funny to look back at this week of eating now and see how simple it is, many foods are repeated over the week. This was because that way of eating was so new to me at the time. Many of the things I depended on daily were no longer allowed. Now, however, I could complete this cleanse with a much wider variety of meals, snacks and drinks, but I had to start somewhere!

The Clean Coconut x

P.S. I didn’t eat all of those raw chocolates pictured above in one week! They’re so rich that one or two or three at a time satisfied my cravings, so I had plenty to keep me going after the cleanse was complete!

cleanse, clean cleanse

P.P.S. For more info on Dr. Junger’s Clean Cleanse check out his website here.



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