Ten Documentary Films you Need to Watch this Year


Who doesn’t love a good documentary? They can really make you think and often raise important questions. Here are ten of the best I’ve watched to date. Consider this Volume 1.

Ten Documentary Films Worth Watching:

1. Earthlings

Earthlings is one of those documentaries that will change the way you look at the world. Made back in 2005, it was and remains truly groundbreaking. It is not the easiest to watch as it exposes some major cruelty that goes on right under our noses. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix (yes, I had to Google that for spelling!), Earthlings will inspire you to make changes that can benefit your health and the planet. You will find it on Youtube for free.

2. A Plastic Ocean

I recently watched A Plastic Ocean on Netflix. It exposes the shocking truth about the waste being pumped into our oceans on a daily basis and the impact it is having on our sea life. This documentary will certainly make you think twice about every piece of plastic you use and throw away. It doesn’t just disappear.

3. What the Health

Probably one of the most controversial documentaries of 2017, What the Health exposes some serious inconsistencies and misinformation pontificated to us from our health industry. Cancer, diabetes and heart disease organisations are challenged about the advice they give versus the research available. Some shocking conflicts of interest are uncovered. A serious eye-opener. This one is available on Netflix.

4. Cowspiracy

A sister documentary to What the Health, Cowpiracy, executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, deals with the conflicting advice from our Environmental Agencies and the true changes we need to make in order to stop Climate Change and protect the planet. Find it on Netflix.

5. No Impact Man

I love No Impact Man. In this documentary we see Colin Beavan and his wife and daughter spend one year of their lives living with zero impact on the environment.  Watch this Manhattan family gradually give up their T.V., transport, cosmetics, fridge, take-away and packaged foods and much more. See the impact this has on their lives in this inspiring documentary. Colin also wrote a book of the same title about the experience. While an extreme decision, this documentary will show you how easy it is to take smaller steps towards sustainability and how those steps might actually benefit you more than you think. Find it for free on Dailymotion.com.

6. Vegucated

Vegucated is a fun documentary that follows three New Yorkers as they take on a challenge to go vegan for six weeks. We see them go through ups and downs as they thoroughly change their diets and learn to navigate the world as a vegan. Will they make a lasting change? Find it on Netflix.

7. Black Fish 

Black Fish is a documentary that will truly have you on the edge of your seat. Before I watched it I had heard so many people rave about it but I really didn’t think it would be my cup of tea. Turns out I was wrong. This one will bring you on a rollercoaster of emotions and change your perspective on the captivity of our sea life. Available on Netflix.

8. Food Inc.

Food Inc is a great documentary that will open your eyes to the reality of the food industry. Learn about where are food really comes from and what impact it is having in this educational documentary. Available on Netflix.

9. Minimalism

I first watched this documentary almost a year ago. It is truly inspiring. Taking a look at the important things, Minimalism delves beyond our material possessions to a life with less stuff and more meaning. Available on Netflix.

10. The Zeitgeist Trilogy

The documentaries that made me love documentaries! Its quite a while since I watched the Zeitgeist movies. I first saw them back in 2012 when they were available for free on Youtube (the still are). Now you will also find them on Netflix. Undoubtably the first of the three is lower budget and less sleek but still worth a watch. The second and third movies are fantastic so don’t give up if you don’t enjoy the first! These three movies will seriously shake up your view point.


Yes, that does bring it to approximately 12 movies. You might say that’s one for every month of the year! Grab your popcorn and get started! Let me know what you think of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts on which ones you like most.

Happy Viewing!

The Clean Coconut x

Five Books You Should Read in 2018


Welcome to the New Year!

If you’ve resolved to do some more reading in 2018 I have a helping hand to lend.  I read most of these books over the course of 2017 and found them insightful, inspiring and very educational. Here are my top picks for the books you should read in 2018!

1. How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

This book has probably taught me more about nutrition than any other book I’ve read. In the first half of his book, Dr. Greger takes us, chapter by chapter, through the 15 leading causes of death and discusses the top evidence based research on preventing them. With chapters on heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, liver disease and hypertension, this book is a must read. The second half of the book discusses the ideal diet for preventing a myriad of diseases. And said diet is a lot simpler than you might expect. I first borrowed this book from my local library but soon purchased a hard copy to keep for reference! All of the proceeds from Dr. Greger’s books go straight to charity. A great read and a great gift for those you care about.

2.  Everything that Remains by The Minimalists 

If you’re looking to simplify your life this year, this story might just be the inspiration you need. Going from the self-described “suit and tie corporate guys” to a life of minimalism inspired The Minimalists‘ memoir “Everything that Remains”. It is an easy read that you will swallow up in two or three days, this was one of my favourite books of the year.

3. The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II

The China Study details what has been called the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. The findings of this twenty year study across China are eye opening. It will undoubtably change the way you eat forever.

4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo 

I was probably a little late to the game in embracing this best-seller, having only gotten round to reading it in 2017. The ultimate spring-cleaning book, this will motivate you beyond belief to get rid of your junk and simplify your space. I think I’ll re-read it myself!

5. The Good Gut by Justin and Erica Sonnenburg

If you’re interested in learning more about whats been dubbed our “second brain” then this is the book for you. Justin and Erica Sonnenburg’s cutting edge research into our microbiome is incredible. While such research is only in its infancy, the discoveries outlined in their book are well worth knowing about. Not only do they take the reader through the leading research conducted at Stanford University’s Department of Microbiology and Immunology, they also discuss the implications of their discoveries for our own gut microbiota. They share their advice on how to eat to feed your microbiota and even include some gut-friendly recipes at the back.


I highly suggest you join your local library this January and make the most of it this year. I’d love to hear your suggestions for books to read in 2018 or your thoughts on any of the above if you have read them!

Happy New Year,

The Clean Coconut x