Looking back on 2016: Year Review

Welcome to my 2016 Year Review!

Year Review

Last year I wrote my first year review after setting up my blog four months prior. 2016 was my first full year of running The Clean Coconut and I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you all through it. It has been so rewarding to hear from those of you who have reached out over social media. Thank you!

Year Review

2016: Year Review

As 2016 began I was very motivated to continue with my health and fitness journey and to share what I learned along the way with you all. I started the year off with an attempt at dry January but David Bowie’s death forced me to put on my red shoes and dance the blues in his honour ?… I broke dry January twice last year! But 29 out of 31 ain’t bad!

Year Review

I started to share more about the fermented and probiotic foods I make in my first post about kefir. I also shared my typical grocery list which was a highly requested blog! As well as that, I wrote about what I eat for a nourishing breakfast.

Year Review

I got to share lots of new recipes with you in 2016! Click the images below to view the recipes for these tasty dishes!

Raw Vegan Tacos:


Perfect Protein and Fats:


Vegan Indian Dal:


Gluten Free Protein Pancakes:




Clean Curry:


Chocolatey Chewy Bites:


Chocolate Chip Cookies:


Low Carb Lasagne:


Protein Bread:

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 21.16.01

Year Review

I also wrote about how to go organic on a budget, as I know organic food can be so expensive!

Year Review

This year was my first year at Bloom and I thoroughly enjoyed it – I even got to meet The Happy Pear!

Year Review

Year Review
On the way to Beyoncé in Croke Park 2016!

I was back in Belfast for summer 2016 and got started on a blog post all about the best places to eat clean in the city!  I then began writing My Fitness Diary series where I told you all about how I first became interested in health and fitness and logged my clean eating and training summer 2016.

Year Review
Crumlin Road Gaol Belfast

My most popular and widely shared blog post of 2016 was Ten Things I learned from Counting Macros!

Year Review

By the end of summer 2016 I had to begin a gluten challenge so that I could be tested for Coeliac Disease. This new diet really threw my clean eating and fitness off-kilter and I couldn’t wait till it was over! Thankfully I wasn’t diagnosed with Coeliac Disease! Instead I had to commence a low FODMAP diet to figure out my trigger foods for the symptoms I was experiencing. This is a work in progress and something I will be sharing with you in early 2017.

In 2016 I also got round to setting up a Twitter and Snapchat account for The Clean Coconut – I’d love to connect with more of you so come find me there too!

Year Review

2016 has been a year full of learning for me and I am so excited to see what 2017 brings. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to contribute more to my blog this year and to see it grow over the year.  I have made lots of great memories and look forward to more in 2017. A sincere and heartfelt thank you  for your support throughout 2016. I wish you all a truly fulfilling, rewarding and happy 2017.

The Clean Coconut x

Year review


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